Training & Consulting Services
Dr. Ir. Fauzi Hasan, MBA, CWM
Dr. Ir. A. Hery Sulthoni, M. Eng, CIPM, MQM
Ir. Win Sukardi, M. Eng, MM, MBA, M. Hum, CPM, CIPM, MQM, ASCA
Fery Sarjana, ST, SE, MBA, CSCP, CIPS, ASCA
Ir. Ari Wijaya, MM, ASCA.
Ir. Dwi Ananto, ASCA.
Ir. Agung Handaya, M.Sc.
Our Trainers

Our trainers and consultants have more than sufficient knowledge and experiences to provide best outcome to your development needs.

We also provide training needs analysis if you want us to assist in your people development program.